My Maths Buddy

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My Maths Buddy (and the Afrikaans translation ? My Wiskunde Buddie) is a unique Mathematics Dictionary. It is designed on a gradient, identifying the terms and words as they are learnt per Grade or Year, from Grade 3 to Grade 12 and has proven to be an excellent resource for university students too. Exhaustive research and investigation into what Learners and Teachers needed and wanted led to the compilation of this evolutionary book. It doesn't look like or feel like a dictionary but provides the full basic 'language' of maths and brings confidence in application.rnrn Conceptual understanding of the basic words and terms of Mathematics was found to be a root cause for the decline in results.rnrn The book provides the ability for Learners to understand the language of Maths and thus have a greater ability to successfully apply it. rnrnIt is not simply a dictionary just containing definitions, although these are worked out to be full dynamic definitions (covering the cause or origin of the words, purpose and use of each word) and in simple English, it contains a whole lot more. Over 600 words and terms provided on a gradient. rnrnThe gradient being the identification, by colour coding, of the words and terms per Grade so the learner increases his or her 'language' as they advance through the Grades. The dictionary provides correct pronunciation of each word, real life examples, colour illustrations and pictures and the origin of each word plus much more. rnrn Included is a special part of the book with six short chapters covering the words ?mathematics,? ?arithmetic,? ?algebra,? ?geometry,? trigonometry? and calculus? giving the definitions but covering more specifically their cause, purpose and use with a number of real life examples of the use of these words. This addition to the dictionary was created based on surveys done with learners related to their understanding of the subject name itself and those of the various sections of mathematics. What was found was a clear lack of understanding of these words, and thus the purpose of learning the subject/s. rnrn Using this dictionary, any Learner can greatly improve their Maths understanding and results as well as gain a greater affinity for Maths in life as well as a measurable improvement in results.

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